More info about the Trinity Audio ultimate preamplifier: “1500 passive components on the top side and almost 400 semiconductors on the bottom side. We need this high count only to reduce the noise and improve the driver capability. Even a single gain stage stage itself is distortion free. One thing we should note, this is an ultra linear amplifier and design has not an feedforward error correction to reduce the distortion.

If we have no distortion we do not have to correct them in an additional loop. 12 parallel working gain stages create a gain block and each channel has two gain blocks, but this is only the main board.

Then we have the fully balanced volume control 64 x 1dB steps on another 8 layer board, with a constant impedance of 600Ohm.

The Golden reference does not accept any additional "ground wires". The power supply uses medical grade SMPS unit and filters to keep the leakage current over the earth line as low as possible. So we have a floating power supply and only the enclosure of the power supply unit is connected to the earth line.

The digital power is also floating between the positive and negative power supply, that means even if the "digital" current are only static DC currents they run from the positive to the negative supply and not to the analog ground. The volume display is not multiplexed it is also a pure static DC current, there is no need to switch the display of to improve the sound.”