Dietmar - Trinity writes: "Here a photo of the complete TRINITY PHONO -Golden Reference Edition. It is based on the same architecture like the Preamp and should have therefore the same "sound" characteristic, whereby my distortion free electronic cannot have an own sound, but you know what I mean. All analog PCBs are based on an expansive 8 layer design!!!!! Instead of the volume control we have here an equalizer. The front is nearly the same like the pre, but without the volume window.

As you can see the short left flat cable crosses the long cable, since I forgot during the design that this PCB is mounted upside down. So I have redesign the Equalizer PCB to make the design perfect. If the new PCB is in house I will assemble it and than I can ship the PHONO.

The channel deviation and the accuracy in the RIAA equalization between 20Hz and 20kHz is limited by the analyzer, which has an Amplitude Accuracy ±0.03 dB. The measured values are even better in the range of +/- 0.015dB.

We have as before an overall gain of 92dB, but we lose 20dB in the equalizer network. The netto gain is therefore 72dB and we need no step-up transformer for the common MC pick-ups. For ultra low sensitive MCs below 100uV we can increase the gain as an option.

Power Supply Unit of the Golden Reference Edition, which you need for the PHONO, contains of course the same Power Line Filter Modules, which we use in the Power Distribution Filter. 

Another point to mention is, that the the 6 SMPS modules are running as DC/DC converter and not as AC/DC converters to minimize the magnetic filed caused by the 50Hz currents in the supply lines. I know that is really freaky, but we speak about a TRINITY device."