The Q Series digital streamer will be a single unit whilst the T and X Series streamers will be two-box components comprising the main digital player and a separate matching linear PSU.

The above image of the T Series streamer head unit shows how the passive cooling system deploys a large heatsink on the right side. This, along with many other noise reduction techniques, ensures there is minimal vibration and electrical noise within the player. The accompanying linear PSU, in it's matching case, also uses passive cooling and noise reduction techniques in order to deliver maximum overall performance.

Quiescent has been created out of the stable of Vertex AQ in collaboration with a new and very dynamic individual. Although the approaches developed by Vertex AQ are very much integrated into our products' innovation and philosophies, we wanted to make a statement of what we’re about. Over the last 19 years we have focused on fixing what we believed to be fundamental problems associated with audio and video systems but now we are integrating our experience and knowhow into the electronics themselves. 

When we started working on a prototype streamer around a year ago, we set ourselves the goal of achieving audio performance that even the most discerning customer would not yet have experienced. By combining world-class noise reduction techniques with outstanding knowledge of open architectures and software, Quiescent has developed a streaming solution capable of unprecedented levels of performance, simplicity of use and (because of that open architecture), freedom of choice and protection of investment for tomorrow’s technologies.

And of course, we have now extended the approach to develop a whole range of new components that build upon our philosophies of simplicity, speed and accuracy and, above all, freedom from the disruption that degrades the performance of ordinary systems. 

What sort of components?
The product range will centre around digital sources and solid state amplification with high-end power conditioning included in the lineup. The products will be:
  • Digital Streamers
  • DACs
  • Preamps
  • Stereo Poweramps
  • Monoblock Poweramps
  • Balanced Mains Conditioners
What performance levels?
  • Quiescent is launching with the Q and T Series components with the X Series coming later.  The categories are as follows:
  • Q Series – our lowest price products that will still offer considerable performance benefits 
  • T Series – an exceptional product range that will outperform most high-end products currently in the market
  • X Series – cost-no-object products that deploy the same technology used in the T Series components but in ways that deliver performance levels not yet experienced.