Audio Research writes: “The world is full of stereo amplifiers with both channels operating in one chassis. Cost effective, space saving, practical. But not the last word in audio performance.

So, why consider a pair of mono amplifiers?

If you have speakers capable of throwing a wide sound stage along with a room large enough to show this off, mono blocks will allow your music to play with maximum stereo separation or spread beyond the speakers outer edges. Physical separation and isolation of the two channels allows maximum electrical signal separation of left from right music signals. It also reduces the noise level between the two channels.

Another benefit of mono blocks is having separate power supplies which, if sufficiently robust, can express greater dynamic contrasts and lower distortion in each channel, without the chance of one channel starving the other – especially on demanding, very loud signal peaks.

If you’ve haven’t explored the benefit of mono block performance and are looking for a proven way to raise your audio’s game (and your space and funds permit), have your dealer set up an A/B demo with a stereo vs. mono amp comparison.”