A peek into the production and new factory premises at the Line Magnetic, Zhuhai, China. Line Magnetic has two factories and this is where they produce the potent tube electronics, that makes happy audiophiles and music lovers across the globe. 

All the upper echelon high-end products (electronics, speakers, and field coil drivers) are made in the other factory. More about that in the second report.

On the left - the owner of the Zhuhai factory
Burn in for 48 hours before final quality control
Painting of the text on a chassis
Silk screening
PSU for the field coils!
Lm3 with field coil!
Smaller prototype with the 222 speaker 12 inch coax driver
The big monos with 212 tubes. Very big!
New phono stage coming. All tube and input transformers
Red dot award!

Thanks, Lars-Ola Hoffer