When I fit an higher quality detail to my old trusty Partridge 300B amps, I feel both stupid and better: it's like when you gift someone - i.e. a diamond-ring to a lover, an ephemeral joy, a blink of an eye, yet so satisfying… 

It’s not a factory-made piece of gear:  it was handmade, soldered and built by yours truly, with the GREAT help and technical support of my best-friend, Francesco… an almost three years worth effort in pre-WEB days!

I spent a lot of time writing letters and faxing and calling to the USA and UK to find and order the six Partridge’s TK and TH-series irons and the Cornell Dubilier and Vitamin Q paper-in-oil caps and custom-made ceramic non-inductive 1% wire resistors (much different from the far more common, ubiquitous DALE's) and the Allen Bradley’s carbon resistors used in the circuit.

The broad 6 mm thick pure copper plate and transformers covers were made by two local artisans and the wait was embarrassingly long… I used Cardas Rhodium RCA female socket, hospital/medical-grade quality mains plug and one pair (per monoblock) of good quality Hirschmann red/black binding posts.

They sure did their job flawlessly for many years, now… yet they just looked someway wrong.

A few weeks ago I saw a Nasotec from South Korea (yes, again this company…) awesome solid-copper and wood binding post: the Namoo.

It was love at first sight and, now…

Here they are, installed in my Partridge 300B amps… like they were fit from the very first day.

Soundwise, they’re in since yesterday… will try my very best to notice any difference through the extremely revealing and transparent Tandberg System 11… aesthetically… just WOW! They’re true winners!  

Again, my deepest thanking to Chan-Dong Son… BTW: did you notice how musical is Nasotec’s President name? Son = sound = music.

… maybe, not by chance;-)

Stefano Bertoncello