From Japan with love... New Acoustic Harmony Gm1 Sophia/Gm1 Sophia Kubos+Gms Reference Monitor Speakers.

Acoustic Harmony writes: Heritage of Sound Soul - The aim of Acoustic Harmony is "Beautiful World with a Sound". It is to provide a one of a sound that does not impair a view of the world that extends into the listener's mind rather than simply seek a superficial differences of sound.

The High-End products with many personality is spreading to various personality by listener who chooses each products. And there are steadfast sound world that is spreading into user's mind.

The requirement of Acoustic Harmony is natural posture. It is to convey the pure emotion in sound source frankly without ambiguity and uncertain elements. It comes from repeating of prototype and listening based on fitting the pursuit and selection of the best raw materials and structures. It achieves natural music reproduction without tinting. And it achieves acoustic field space without detail loss by know-how.

Frequency Range 65Hz~40kHz SPL   92dB
MAX power Input 120W

Please listen this speakers of commonplace specification softly. There are wonderful melody which can't explain by the specification. That may be "Beautiful World with a Sound" pursued by Acoustic Harmony.

The transparent acoustic field of 7 units 4 ways which are based on the 160mm wide range unit

We newly developed aluminum magnesium diaphragm which realize flexibility of the sound by the moderate internal loss and the high response of metal, and improvement amount of information and resolution tremendously for 25mm super tweeter, 50mm wide range tweeter, 160mm wide range woofer and 200mm super woofer. To get the reaction rate faithful to a source, a neodymium
magnet of the high magnetic flux density is adopted as the unit of everything. We also have ability to respond to a high-resolution source by weight saving of a diaphragm and a magnet. By using high-integrity parts like a damper of CONNEX※1, bobbins of Kapton※2, a CCAW coil, a copper edge wise coil and a IIR edge etc, we secure long term stability.

※ 1 CONNEX is a registered trademark of Teijin Limited.
※ 2 Kapton is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Short horn panel of solid aluminum which is machined by thickness 18mm

The inertia mass of moving unit is reduced by short horn panel of aluminum block which is superbly machined by thickness 18mm and which have an aperture in 166 degrees of super tweeter and 164 degrees of wide range tweeter. And the performance which controls music signal improves tremendously.

Mechanical characteristics become stable and the distortion can be reduced tremendously by reducing vibration of the diaphragm. And wider stereo area and sound image portrayal is supported.

DCS (Damped Conducting Structure) enclosure with an original design

A DCS (Damped Conducting Structure) enclosure with an original design and an ingredient of each range through several kinds of sound absorbing material are controlled appropriately and are connected seamlessly. The details are reproduced without influence of the harmonic distortion, and low range can be played with abundance and high speed.

White birch enclosure painted by extra thickness

After considering of the durability for long use, we adopted the white birch laminated plywood which is having moderate intensity and good sound for an enclosure. The appearance which is painted by extra thickness on the surface is robust and good quality.
Crossover network which accepts biwiring and four biamp in addition to usual single wiring

Crossover network parts which are good connection by many times listening is selected carefully in a pair between the same performance. And we prepare expansible choices by making it simple.

Adoption of machined aluminum bass reflex port

We developed machined aluminum bass reflex port. It controls an aerial flow accurately by the most suitable port tuning.

Robust acoustic spike of machined aluminum

To stop the interference of a flooring at minimum and keep parallel balance with a flooring, we prepared robust acoustic spike of machined aluminum which can adjust the height slightly. And sound is prepared with controlling unnecessary vibration.An acoustic spike of the short type is also used between the upper enclosure and the lower enclosure, and unnecessary vibration during an enclosure is also shut out. The special earthquake-resistant mat exerts vibration control effect more certain by installing spike through it.

Multi-Direction Layout System that how to put it can be changed according to the installation place and acoustic field which you want to do.

Acoustic field usually pervades in front of the listener by pointing a short horn panel of LR to the center. But the installation direction of simple designed upper enclosure can be changed according to the installation place (for example left and right are unsymmetrical or there are difference in height of ceiling) and acoustic field you want to make, you can make your preferred acoustic field.

Even if there is however excellent theory. Even if there is however excellent material. Even if there is a however excellent design. Even if there is however excellent data.

Sound is judged lastly by the sensitivity. Please make sure of its sound by your sensitivity as we judged by the sensitivity.