Acoustical Systems is proudly introducing the fideles  - an all-new high-end phono cartridge. „fideles“ derivates from Latin / German and stands for „faithful as well as agile and lively“.

Unusual in this price class, the fideles features a solid advanced Titanium Timet 1100 body of unparalleled energy transfer ability and unique combination of strength and light weight. The generator system is a double-magnet - focused field - moving ferrum pipe - principle which gives a healthy high output of 5.5 mV. Very easy handle for any phono stage and no need for a high-gain / moving coil phono input.

Any phono input with 35 to 50 dB gain and 47k to 100k impedance is fine. The fideles’ Titanium body further features 3 rows of threads to allow perfect overhang in any headshell / tonearm.

The fideles produces a very dynamic, live-like, colorful, open, transparent and natural sound and performs solidly several steps above it’s price range. It features very high trackability - above 90 µm! -  and is very easy to align.

It’s relatively low body mass allows perfect synergy with a very wide selection of low to medium-high mass tonearms.

It easily rivals - not just in terms of it’s cnc’ed Titanium body - high end cartridges in the price range of 2000 to 3500 US$ retails.

The fideles has a world-wide retails price target of around US$ 1000 / EURO 900.

The fideles was designed to set a new standard in the US$ 1000-price range of phono cartridges - in terms of technical input, value for money and performance alike.

the fideles - the technical specifications

frequency response: 18 Hz – 25 kHz +/- 2 dB
channel balance: within 0.8dB @ 1kHz
channel separation: better than 25dB @ 1kHz
output voltage: 5.5 mV, 1kHz @ 5 cm/sec
static compliance: 35 mm/N
dynamic compliance @ 9-10 Hz: 17 mm/N
vertical tracking angle: 22°
stylus: true elliptical 7µ x 2.5µ, factory-replaceable
recommended load resistance: 47 -100 kΩ
recommended load capacitance: phono cable + 0-max 200pF
cartridge body mass: 9.5 g
recommended tracking force: 17 mN to 18 mN

The fideles is ready for order starting mid-September. It will be introduced first at Hong Kong and Taipei Audio shows in early and mid August.