Zu Audio Druid Mk. VI speakers have landed and are available now.

Druid Mk.VI is all new: full-range drivers, tweeter, cabinet, construction methodology. Improvements over the Mk.V include improved resolution throughout the musical spectrum, and bass is significantly better, with excellent extension, articulation and shove. The new cabinet is a wood cored fiber reinforced composite complete with full filleting.

Druid Mk.VI has been shown at the Munich show, Los Angeles audio show, and California Audio Show. Full debut is RMAF this October.

Druid Mk.VI is a fifty inch [130cm] tall, seven inch [18cm] deep, floor standing loudspeaker system with a footprint of 12–3/4 inches [32.5cm] square. It’s a high efficiency and high power handling design and features our ten inch [26cm] full-range nanotech driver augmented by a Radian based driven tweeter assembly to color in the harmonic structure and detail of the upper most treble. Druid is capable of extraordinary power and coherent full-spectrum resolution, bass through treble, despite its relatively small size.