Peter Reinders writes: "This amp is an accident. We never planned to make amplifiers, let alone a solid state one. After all, turntables are our core business and as amplifiers go, we like valves.

But when PTP Audio's owner and designer, Peter Reinders, was given a few LM1875 chips one day, he had to try them. With a few leftovers from the parts bin he built an extremely minimalist amp. Expecting nothing at all, he tried it. And fell in love with it. In his own system it replaced a single ended valve amplifier which hasn't returned since.

Once we decided to turn it into a PTP Audio product, we took our time to refine the amplifier further, both electronically and visually. In the end this has resulted in the Blok20 you see here.

Soundwise it is above all musical, with a very natural flow that is never fatiguing. If you like idler drive turntables, you will like this amplifier.
The amplifier was designed to work best with high(ish) efficiency speakers with simple crossovers, but it has shown to do surprisingly well on others too."

Technical Summary

2x20W Minimalist Integrated Solid State Amplifier.
Built around the LM1875 amplifier chip.
Minimal parts count (the amplifier circuit is 1 chip and 3 resistors).
Non PCB, point-to-point wired amplifier section
Extremely short signal path.
3x line level input.
50k input impedance.
Ultra fast recovery rectifiers.
Huge 300VA toroidal transformer.
All wiring is high purity silverplated copper with teflon insulation.
4mm Aluminium backpanel with integrated heatsink.
170(H)x175(W)x200(D)mm solid Corian housing to minimise resonances.
A wide range of colours to choose from.
230V and 115V versions available.

€2250.- (for black or white, other colours available on request)

To ensure that the product you buy is as good as it can be, Peter Reinders assembles, tests and tunes each individual amplifier himself. His long experience and expertise make all the difference.