Tocaro writes: "The Tocaro 50e is the culmination of all the knowledge and experience we have gained from all the lessons learned during the development and production of the Tocaro 40e series range of loudspeakers. In our efforts to provide the most authentic music reproduction, this new 15-inch drive-unit was created. The membrane is handcrafted in our own factory and its stability is achieved by the use of our unique impregnation system. The 15-inch-speaker is driven by a 1-inch voice coil and the timber feather. A precisely balanced spring-force-system and the specially produced basket of solid wood construction, allows this loudspeaker to work without an electric filter, a prerequisite of the Tocaro philosophy. This revolutionary new drive-unit, in conjunction with the two 10-inch drive-units and the 5-inch tweeter, combines to produce a really impressive sound.

Although larger, the cabinet, of beech and birch construction, is built like a Tocaro 45e, i.e. we couple an additional internal chamber with the front baffle of the loudspeaker. In doing so, we avoid intermediate layers and thereby allow the outer casing to resonate freely, in a comparable way to a large musical instrument.


Power Handling: 100 Watts, 2 Ohm (4 x 8 Ω)
Sensivity: 103 dB
Broadband loudspeaker which 
works filter free
Measure loudspeaker: 
height 106 cm, width 66,5 cm, depth 44,5 cm
Measure stands:
height 45 cm, width 66,5 cm, depth 44,5 cm
Colours: natur, mahogany, dark brown, black, white