Anthem has just introduced their flagship separates - the STR Preamplifier and STR Power Amplifier.

STR Preamplifier

The STR Preamplifier is based on an entirely new platform of advanced technology. It offers audiophiles more control and refinements and more connection options, all in a single, easy-to-use component. This unit allows for the addition of power amplification from an individual unit, for audio enthusiasts who prefer separates.

This preamplifier combines the benefits of an advanced pre-amp with the power of a processor. Packed with functions such as leading-edge DAC, onboard Anthem Room Correction (ARC™), customizable bass manager for mono or stereo sub outs, MM and MC phono inputs, the STR Preamplifier offers far more than the average preamplifier. And count on Anthem’s digital signal processing innovations to deliver a noticeably higher level of performance realism. The unit also provides balanced output for all channels including two subwoofers, and the Home Theater Bypass function allows it to be combined with a home theater system.

STR Power Amplifier

The STR Power Amplifier is the keystone to a world-class two-channel sound system. It delivers massive power generation, audiophile-quality output, super-efficient performance, and cutting edge digital and analog technology in a smartly designed component. The STR Power Amplifier doles out 400 Watts/channel into 8 Ohms with both channels driven (450W single channel), a massive 600 Watts/channel into 4 Ohms (both channels driven) and 800W in 2 Ohms for true no-holds-barred performance.

The STR Power Amplifier benefits from Anthem’s proprietary input topology—a unique departure from the classical differential input stage. Eight low-noise bipolar input devices are configured in a complementary active-load cascoded feedback arrangement for reduced distortion, exceptionally linear response, and superior bandwidth. Designers incorporated sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, resulting in peak production that is effortless and instantaneous, cinching even the most challenging material. The use of multiple bipolar output devices also dramatically reduces distortion while ensuring extreme linearity, extensive bandwidth, and stress-free reliability.

The STR Power Amplifier contains two powerful independent class AB “monoblock” amplifiers. Each channel is self-contained on its own glass-epoxy circuit board and pair of heat sinks, and features its own transformer. The amplifiers are thus able to deliver stable, continuous power at maximum output without affecting one another, even when driving the lowest impedances. While some amplifiers tend to oscillate or run out of power when driving lower impedance loads, the STR Power Amplifier remains perfectly stable under all conditions.

Conservatively rated, in a low-profile design shaped to minimize hum, the STR Power Amplifier’s low-impedance toroidal power transformers make no sacrifices when it comes to delivering a continuous supply of pure, clean low noise power. As well, both the power supply impedance and internal cabling inductance are minimized to deliver a clear path for maximum power.


STR Preamplifier: $3,999 US MSRP 
STR Power Amplifier: $5,999 US MSRP