Avantgarde Acoustic writes: "With an Avantgarde Acoustic speaker, the obligatory horn loading of midrange and tweeter sections already implicates a controlled sound dispersion that vastly avoids negative influences of early room reflections. With introducing the XD series in 2016 we take another leap, extending a control feature also to the bass range, by adding a powerful and comprehensible DSP/FPGA equalizer to our active subwoofers. 

For exploiting the capabilities of the DSP/ FPGA to the full, 2 specific 'Audio Holography' services are available that assess and “tailor” room acoustic compensation curves based on capturing acoustic data by either collecting room dimensions or by measuring the room response with scientific precision.

With these Audio Holography services at hand, the horn speakers of the Avantgarde Acoustic XD series definitely set new standards for realizing a musically rewarding, and sonically balanced result. Independent from room properties, and always justifying the investment into our luxurious speakers, from ZERO TA to TRIO + BASSHORN. The crucial point is the interaction of room and speaker, and this can be drastically enhanced by applying for precise compensation. So where most passive speakers fail to adequately perform under challenging conditions (regarding room acoustics or speaker placement), our semi or fully active horn speaker models will excel, and deliver a sound they will be loved for.

To access the status-quo, we offer 2 schedules: The HRS method captures room dimensions and information on the speaker placement by filling out a PDF questionnaire. This data is then used to simulate the room in a 3D software, assessing the relevant frequencies that may benefit from adjustments by a digital acoustic emulation. The HRM method uses a measuring kit, containing a calibrated microphone and a digital field recorder, for taking precise recordings of specific measuring signals, supplied by CD and USB stick. This measuring schedule renders a truly 'holographic view' of the acoustical conditions and thus enable us to create the most accurate compensation curves under any conditions. Whether performing a room acoustic measurement is a necessity may depend on the properties and dimensions of the room. In what could be considered a closed room of approximate cubic shape, a 3D room simulation via our HRS emulation software may usually suffice for generating according to correction curves. 

But in rooms that have a complex layout, or could not be called a closed room at all, HRS simulations may not deliver accurate results. In this case, a measuring session with our HRM kit is going to be the appropriate procedure. The kit is exclusively distributed to authorized and trained retailers, thus ensuring that the procedures are fully and perfectly executed. In whatever way the room acoustics is sampled: Only the most experienced people at Avantgarde Acoustic will then process the data in a sophisticated software suite, using their long-time experience to assess the necessary corrections.

By adding this ‘human factor‘ we avail our customers of experts that are fully familiar with the DSP/ FPGA‘s capabilities and thus know exactly how to program excellent compensation while maintaining the proverbial resolution and dynamics of our horn speakers. The outcome of the processing will render a compensation file, finally time for another rendezvous of Avantgarde dealer and Avantgarde owner! Not only for applying the corrections but maybe also for sharing some good music on a new level of quality, enabled by the Avantgarde Audio Holography procedures."