Klaudio's KD-ARM-MP12 ($8,499.99)is true mechanical tangential tonearm, providing the advantages of linear arms without the cost or complexity of air bearings. To achieve 0-degrees of tracking error, they not only pivot but glide longitudinally on ultra-precise bearings. This keeps the needle on a perfect tangent.

Although pivoting, they do not rely on proprietary headshells. Numerous standard headshells are supported. A Klaudio headshell is included which supports both standard conductor wires and an exclusive rigid copper lead design for premium signal transmission.
Klaudio tonearms are available in carbon fiber 10.5-inch and 12-inch equivalent lengths. An alignment tool is included for setup and configuration.
NOTE: As an alternative to traditional turntable installation, Klaudio optionally offers the KD-BAS-ARM01 freestanding tonearm base (sold separately).