Aluminus Audio writes: "Eeach module is 6 inches in diameter, the total assembled height of 4 inches. Can be used with threaded feet locations or simply place a component or speaker on top of the modules. Equipment can use 3 or 4 modules. Speakers usually are best with 4 modules each for stability. The design is the only choice for those seeking true mechanical isolation for their equipment and loudspeakers. When used with both loudspeakers and equipment, the effectiveness is greatly increased. US MSRP is $900 each and there is an option for black color. Current lead times are approximately 2 months.

The sonic benefit, when used with turntables, amplifiers, phono stages and DACs, is a lower mechanical noise floor. The sound character of the equipment is retained while resonances are drained away from the chassis. With the modules in place, the sound of the system will have more dense colors to the tone, along with more detail that is non-fatiguing. You will be able to hear deeper into recordings and hear your equipment perform beautifully by reducing the plaguing effect of internal or external vibrations."