The importance of power supplies for sophisticated equipment, such as Hi-Fi products, has long been recognized. The power socket to which we connect our Hi-Fi equipment provides an electron flow that is not always "clean", and this is obvious if we think about home appliances connected to the same line rather than on the long way the electrons go through just before they will run into our equipment. Even structuring a dedicated line for our Hi-Fi system, many external issues can't be avoided.

Audiozen faced this issue by discarding filters and electric line conditioners: current must flows without bottlenecks, without restrictions.

Positrone is not a simple filtered transformer, it is a line crossover: inside Positrone there are two transformers handled by an analogic circuit to get the correct current on the output.

DTAM - Dual Transformer Analogic Management

it is the acronym and the name of the circuit projected by Audiozen for Positrone.

A double galvanic insulation is assured by two 300 VA Hi-Grade transformers, voltage is regenerated by double induction.

Positrone is capable of delivering the needed current for all sources and preamps.

Positrone can't be connected to power amplifiers except for small powers.

The approach to a product that can't be connected to the whole Hi-Fi equipment could seem a paradox, but the most responsive components to the benefits of Positrone are just sources and preamplifiers.

Positrone has on its output an aluminum 6-outlet multistandard power strip.

A front panel display indicates the output voltage: Positrone is not a stabilizer but the output voltage will have much lower variations than the input voltage.

You don't feel the need of Positrone until you connect it to your Hi-Fi equipment: sonic informations will be finally released, they will be without constraints, scene will acquire more depth, medium-high frequencies will be more realistic and with more ariosity, the low frequencies will acquire immanence. Positrone is a device without contraindications, it can be connected to any type of equipment, either tube or solid state..


AC line crossover
input voltage
210-240 / 105-125 Volts
output sockets
max power
300 Watts
available finishes
silver (black upon request)
main unit dimensions
340 x 135 x 295 mm (W x H x D)
main unit weight
10,5 Kg