Tempus contains our patent-pending adaptive biasing technology to achieve incredible power efficiency and delivery.

Its amplifier transistors are ‘characterised’ to fine-tune and improve the accuracy of the dynamic bias within the amplifier. Working harmony with the adaptive bias software, this allows the amplifier to achieve very efficient Class-A operation.

The signal path in the Tempus power amplifier is DC coupled to remove coupling capacitor distortions. The amplification system also contains the finest component materials to maintain the ‘precise’ output desired, especially when working with the enhanced power supply module developed specially for Tempus

Tempus includes a top-of-the-range Pre-amplifier and audio DSP. Featuring a new 64-Bit digital audio engine, the pre-amp has access to four 1GHz DSP cores to pack a digital punch. The signal path from the DAC to speaker output connectors is DC coupled, removing minute amounts of distortion from coupling capacitors. The Pre-Amp comprises the finest components designed to further increase the signal to noise ratio and the dynamic range of the ESS Sabre DAC, providing Tempus with delicate sound.

Tempus has a unique custom heatsink extrusion to provide a greater cooling surface, and larger heatpipes to ensure efficient thermal transfer. Along with a thick baseplate lined with convection grooves milled into the surface, Tempus has extremely effective cooling systems to create the greatest possible performance.

Tempus incorporates a custom designed power supply module, including:

– Dual voltage 250VA transformer design

– Auto-ranging power supply operating from 115V to 230V, allowing seamless operation in the U.S.A, EU  across the world.

– Separated digital and analogue power supplies provided by the PSU to ensure the removal of digital noise from the analogue supply

– An electrostatic screen filter, and transformer GOSS band to ensure unwanted noise is filtered out before it can enter the Tempus electrical system.

– Dual-mode power system including both a linear power supply and also a switched mode supply. When Tempus is playing or recording audio, the supply operates in Linear mode with the switch mode disabled and completely removed from the circuit.  (Combined with the electrostatic screen filter and GOSS band, unwanted noise is removed and filtered out before it can enter the system.) When in a low power state without using the amplifier, the system then enters the ‘switched’ power mode, meaning Tempus can operate in a low-power efficient mode as a file server and streaming system.

– ‘Dual mono design’ of the power supply and amplification. Separate rectifiers and smoothing capacitor banks are deployed in parallel for each channel within Tempus. This reduces system impedance and improves current delivery from the power supply.

The Tempus is crafted from the finest materials available, identical to those found in the interior of Bentley motors for that complete luxury finish.  Each Tempus is created from carbon fiber veneer or Burr Walnut real wood veneer, making each system entirely unique to you

For that truly personalised design, Tempus can even be manufactured in an array of custom finishes

Tempus weighs in at an impressive 18.9kg and manufactured from the finest brushed aluminum

Control and manage all your music and video with the Convert control app for Android and iOS. Provided with Tempus is an Android tablet, to give you full remote control. You can access media anytime and anywhere, at the touch of a button.