Metrum Acoustics is having a LoveChild! Better said, two of them!

"It is with great pleasure that we announce the birth of Jade By Metrum Acoustics and Onyx By Metrum Acoustics! Both babies are in perfect health!

Throughout the week we will disclose the front of our beautiful new audio products and for the first time, you can hear them during the XFI Premium Audio Show next weekend in Veldhoven!
Both Jade and Onyx have a very clear place in the lineup of our fine audio products. 

We were aware of the fact that there was a gap between the Amethyst By Metrum Acoustics (one chip per channel) and the PAVANE By Metrum Acoustics (four chips per channel) and wanted to fill that gap with a powerful, yet affordable high quality DIGITAL TO ANALOG Converter, which did not compromise on #sound and power. The result is a two chips per audio channel DAC with a more than powerful footprint! Welcome ONYX By Metrum Acoustics!

As for Jade, she is equally beautiful, she is a Digital Preamplifier. By Metrum Acoustics turned out to be more exciting than planned, the audio result is more compelling than ever and a joy to listen to! Jade is the sibling of ADAGIO By Metrum Acoustics and she is also present this weekend when we will officially expose her to the public.

On Saturday Metrum Acoustics will reveal the complete looks of our new exciting products, so keep watching our Facebook channel and or visit us during XFI in Veldhoven this weekend! preorders will be taken as of Saturday, September 30th, 2017.