The Beach Boys knew how to evoke that special feeling of endless summer and perfect relaxation by singing about Kokomo, the famous beach of Curacao island. Whoever was there, or just saw pictures, will remember the place, and will visualize a beautifully colored ocean!

Every year we have a static display at the Munich HIGH END show that we use to attract show-goers. Thus choosing the color of the horns for the speakers on display is naturally a question of some relevance: should we achieve an elegant and distinguished, or rather an 'emotional' look? This year, when our MD Holger Fromme opted for this exhilarating finish, the choice was clear: We go for emotion!

And as the feedback was so positive, we decided to go beyond the usual 'one off' effect, finally offering this specially created finish for brand-new speakers as a standard until the next HIGH-END show, at no customer-specific up-charges. So grab a fruity exotic drink, put on some steel drum band and make your choice...