Hornsolutions writes: "Final Hornsolutions WE66A after 15 Weeks. The lower limit frequency of the WE66A horn is 96HZ. Can be used from approx. 140 Hz depending on the room up to a maximum of 5000 Hz with a very linear frequency response.

On request, the Compression driver, specially developed for this Horn is offered alternatively. It is a 3/4 "Compression driver. Depending on the Horn it can be used from 80Hz up to 5,000Hz. At the matching Horn, this driver definitely has no Competition. On customer's request, the lower and upper limit frequency can be designed individually. In the development of the driver, we were concerned with achieving the most linear response which is possible over the entire spectrum.

Efficiency of the Horn driven by our driver: 118dB So, a gain of 1.5 watts is enough for nearly each SPL Also in our program we have suitable solutions for the high frequency, like the Elysio Tweeter horn (see picture above), for the Bass we offer solutions like Open Baffle, Front loaded Horns like the JBL 4550 up to individual customer orders.

Therefore, don't hesitate to ask us. Correspondingly to our name, we create individual "solutions" which not only focus on the customer, but also include their premises and wishes in the planning. So if you are finished by dealing with the "Usual", this is the right place."