Acuhorn just introduced new (3600 EUR) R2R Hi-Tech streamer with R2R ladder 28 bit resolution 384Khz DAC and FPGA Spartan 6 technology, featuring oversampling up to 3.072Mhzwith 


R2R ladder 28 bit resolution 384Khz dac
loaded FPGA Spartan 6 technology oversampling up to 3.072Mhz
signal to noise ratio 127dB
automatic input selection I2S or SPDIF
R-2R direct output and buffered output for headphones
server runs on Raspberry Pi for I2S interface
compatible with all formats music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD
UPNP\DLNA, Airplay, Spotify and Web-Radios, etc
controlled wifi from remote running on smartphones, tablets, notebooks
MoOde web interface to control playback and settings
power supply is the best Vicorpower modules
DC-DC converters high frequency Mhz switching
autoranging 90-264Vac network voltage, for worldwide use