adjective: ineffable

  • too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.      "the ineffable natural beauty of the Everglades"
  • indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words, beyond description
  • begging description; indefinable, unutterable, untold, unimaginable
  • overwhelming, breathtaking, awesome, marvelous, wonderful
  • staggering, amazing                                                                "the ineffable, surging joy of the Beatles"

"The greatest art is always perceived as having been delivered with consumate ease, but the underlying effort required to achieve that state is monumental. We have undertaken an all out assault on the pinnacle of reproduced sound, maximizing each element, sparing no expense to explore and conquer new territory. Each Sukhavati interconnect cable has 8 ribbons per channel. The actual number of distinct elements in each interconnect cable is 53 including 9 conductive elements, 36 dielectric elements 4 copper foil shields and one tin plated braided shield. The number goes to 55 if we include the connectors. Such a creation can only be made by hand, is built to order and takes weeks to create.

Out of complexity, simplicity

The honest nature of a thing in itself cannot be denied. Each aspect of sound presents itself as simply there. Proper weight, absolute individuation, distinct massed harmonics, absolute definition at the edges of sound, utterly effortless dynamics, infinite headroom.