After several years of diligent developmental research, the SAT Pickup Arm went into production in early 2015. To our surprise, it quickly became clear that we had underestimated the demand for such a device. The inquiries, which spanned a wide range of applications and the globe, have surpassed all of our original expectations. 

The experience gained during these years of production and installation of the arm has allowed us to develop two new models that will be introduced in the first quarter of 2018. While performance improvements are the primary curiosity in any market, we would like to draw your attention to key advances we have made in the protection and safe transportation of the arm assembly, adjustability, as well as easier setup of the arms. These new models will also adopt innovative design features and manufacturing techniques that will allow SAT’s production to accommodate the increasing interest in our brand.

We will produce a total of 70 of the original SAT 9" Pickup Arms and from there transition into the new models. A complete stock of parts will be kept to guarantee the uninterrupted enjoyment of existing SAT Pickup Arm owners for many years to come.

Production of components for the new models is already underway. Additional details about the design features as well as pricing will be communicated in the coming months leading up to 2018.