Verastarr writes: "This is a prototype. Our final version will be different. This is a cigar box. Proof of concept stage. Well, it's now been tested and proven. Next, we refine the design and personalize it to be Verastarr, which means exclusive features not yet seen on grounding boxes.

It is a self-contained grounding point. This goes up to a component for the purpose of isolating signal ground by virtue of adding an easier path. So it's connected at a ground box, and in my case goes up to an RCA plug only attached at the ground. It lowers noise noticeably. Sonics become more refined and cohesive. It's like someone turned on gravity for the center image. Mind you, it does not collapse to center, but wide somewhat broad vocals that are hard to actually pinpoint become cohesive and more believable.

This one is on the RCA analog outs on the DAC/PRE. Since there is one mono PCB per channel I use 2 grounds at DAC and combine them at GB."