September opens up the season of European shows and that always introduces a lot of traveling. Its always pleasure to put the ears on the "sticks" and discover the new products or refresh the aural impressions of the existing high-end audio products. At the Sintonia high-end audio show in Rimini two weeks back, one of the pleasant memories that had lingered on for prolonged time was the refreshed Radiho c speakers driven by the Octave tube integrated amplifier. 

There are new things being improved with all new Raidho models. Just implemented in the X-5-series shown at RMAF is a much stronger magnet system. It is almost double the strength!

On all the other speakers Raidho have increased the size/surface of the rubber surroundings which allows the drivers to have a much longer extension/piston stroke, which means you can run them harder and play louder.

The exhibited X-2 florstanders had delivered the sound, that was captivating, speakers beautifully disappeared in space and they brought proportional distribution of energy across the complete spectrum. 

It was a great reminder how some small speakers can bring grand sound performance and Raidho is exemplary at doing this. Rune Skov played some heartwhelming tracks. It was great to see Rune  again, this time in the new role as the Sales Director at Dantax Radio A/S where is taking care of Raidho and Scansonic HD brands. 

The sound is right, when things are done/implemented in the right way and this little demo had proven it with ease...