Here is the updated info about the luxurious and patented Apurna amplifiers from France: "For us, music really expresses French expertise: attention to detail, excellence, elegance. Our audio amplifiers have character – you might even say a soul."

Our technical choices guarantee you enjoy a premium performance, the quality of the signal-to-noise ratio and carefully-selected components ensuring the truest sound. Everything is designed to be intuitive and instantly pleasing, with a Control Module in noble metals and fine crystal.

We are committed to bringing you the most beautiful materials, a unique aesthetic and attention to detail that prizes accuracy, feel and precision to bring you a clean and uninterrupted form.
We believe your amplifier should be built without compromise. Our mission is to completely respect and accurately render the original sound. That’s our commitment to you: an APURNA™ Unique like you."

The Apurna amplifier brings together «Made in France» fair with a  fully-customizable designer look. These unique aesthetics are shared with you in our monthly Design trends. We’re featuring the « Japanese cherry trees », the « Dual Flower Princess », the « King of the sea », the « Citrus Scent »  and the « Carbon & Titanium » designed by Olivier Blanc.

The APURNA™ amplifier has been developed in our own workshops, researched and realized over 3 years with the most meticulous attention to detail to bring you truly extraordinary quality and design.

Built in France by professional craftsmen and –women, using the finest materials with real flair, this innovative and luxurious high-end audio system is protected by patent.

Bandwidth: DC to 430KHz (+0; -3 dB)or DC to 80KHz (+0; -0.1 dB)
RMS output power: 200W (8 Ω); 400W (4 Ω)
Dimensions: 400x400x245mm
Weight: 47.5 kg
Inputs available: 2 XLR sockets (Balanced) with one in bypass mode3 RCA sockets (Unbalanced) with one in bypass mode2 PHONO level RCA sockets (MM and MC)
Speaker outputs: WBT-0702.01 terminals with 24-carats gold fnish.

An acoustic and visual work of art, to your own - customisable - design*