"I am a harmonious one; I am a clear singer. I am an artificer; I am a scientific one." – Taliesin 6th century. This loudspeaker has its origin in the very first beginning of Trenner & Friedl. Even before! More than 25 years ago, Andreas Friedl designed a very big (and we mean BIG) loudspeaker for his own use, a reference, a giant of joy.

When he and Peter Trenner founded the brand, Taliesin (the grey) stayed with Peter for many years. It was the benchmark for all coming loudspeakers.

Now the 25th anniversary is on the horizon, and the friends did not want celebrate without a Taliesin. The task was to make a worthy successor of the awesome forefather. It shall bear strength without limits, it shall be a bard, a fine spirit, a benchmark itself.

What goes in comes back out…

That it is the inner values that count in the end is an often heard and well-proven adage. Loudspeakers from Trenner & Friedl distinguish themselves not only in their perfectly finished exterior – the exceptional musicality of our products is built from an equally sophisticated and ingenious inner life: 

The musical signal is received by generously proportioned, rhodium-plated pure copper Cardas terminals, then passed along through Cardas inner-cabling. Our crossovers are carefully hand-constructed from the finest elements: 

Premium Mundorf capacitors, for long life, faster response and balanced tone, baked-lacquer coils, flat copper coils with extremely low skin-effect, metal-film resistors for purest reproduction of high-frequencies.

We treat the paper cones of our low-frequency drivers with seven layers of Italian balsamic violin lacquer, in order to optimize elasticity, damping and stiffness, and reduce cone resonances and distortion. 

Simply stated: only that which you put in comes back out – our loudspeakers should ultimately never get in the way of the music… 


Floor standing speaker
Designed with taking account of the golden section
Multiplex birch wood of different densities
Multi layered lacquer finish
Damped with recycling composit wool felt
Coaxial loudspeaker principle; point source, smooth phase and perfect step response
In the main frequency range coaxial loudspeaker principle; point source, smooth phase and perfect step response
Huge low frequency driver to move a lot of air
Indirectional radiating super tweeter for finest details
Cones impregnated with multi-layered finish of Italian balsamic oil lacquer
Finest crossover components by Mundorf
Cardas Audio internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio proportions
Cardas Audio Patented Binding Posts
Can be placed close to walls and corners


Drive Units:

1 x 18” Paper cone
1 x 12” paper cone coaxial fabric dome
1 x 1.75” coaxial titanium compression driver
1 x air motion transformer

Frequency response: 30 Hz (f-6 DB) to 40 kHz (f-3 DB)
Sensitivity: 92 dB (2.83V/1m)
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: Height: 1500 mm, Width: 620 mm, Depth: 580 mm
Weight: approx. 100 kg
Finishes Body: Walnut Nature, Neight Grey, Maple Snow White, Palisander eco, Others on request.