YES! Yesterday I visited my trusty vinyl-disc pusher... he cherry-picked among his thousands discs some unseen nuggets which I greatly appreciated: a lot of Japanese pressings (more to come), Telefunken Royal Sounds', Deutsche Gramophones', Eratos', Harmonia Mundis'...

I bought 37 (thirty-seven) discs for an amount quite often the average audiophiles buy a so-called super disc digitally remastered re-re-repressing - i.e. half the cost of David Gilmour's Live at Pompei 4-discs box-set, if you prefer!



Objective sounds more appropriate to me.

A shiny past sold to cover huge mortgages and jet-set hideously high costs?

How many "new" Roger Waters or David Gilmour's or Rolling (rolling? maybe sinking...) Stones is an audiophile able to buy before realising it's muzak in luxury packages?

Among the awesome discs I brought home, let me highlight this one as an example: a Melodya disc from 1983, Aaron Copland and Igor Stravinski music for clarinet, violin, piano, harp and strings.

The cover is the ugliest of ugly, so ugly to be elegant... low quality paper and printing to par.

This disc almost looks like a classical music bootleg.

... but Music content is of highest quality and the recording quality... just of awesome beauty.

Stefano Bertoncello