Wilson Ng writes: "Immediately upon arrival from HCMC Vietnam on the night of 3rd November I was in Macau the next day early in the morning as I have made a prior appointment with Peter Wong of Macau to visit Professor Wong's audio workshop and music room in a Zhon Shan University on 4th November 2017. After a quick breakfast in Macau , we headed to the Zhong Shan University complex to see and hear what Professor Wong has to offer.

We spent a whole day looking around the worksop and listening to all the gears and speakers, designed and created by Professor Wong in his WONG WAI TOU workshop. What an ear and ear opener for all of us. Everything was made in-house except the turntable which is also made in China with a tangent arm. We sampled only classical l.p. music. I was so mesmerized with the sound of the turntable I bought one and brought it back to HK myself. Hahaha."

Professor Wong music room with his creation. The speaker is already sold to Ah Jong who later dismantled it and took back to Macau with us.

The whole set up in wide view

The speaker at close range. Bass unit 13.75" Midrange 6.5" carbon paper. Ribbon 6 " Except the ribbon. Others drivers are made in-house.

Just some of his software.

Acoustic treatment of both wall using egg separators I have used it 50 years ago. It's the most practical and cheapest means. Try it. Hahaha.

The opposite wall- same treatment.

The exotic turntable that wont break your bank account. My 3rd table. Its not only a beauty but also a workhorse.

The preamp and its power suppy using 5867 x 8.

Phono preamp and it's power supply using 14 12ax7

The mono power block and it's power supply using. 211 x 8 pieces 100 watts Class A

A happy audition session

In front of the speakers with Professor Wong holding an l.p.

Me and the legendary Professor Wong.

A lunch gathering in Zhong Shan. — with Peter Wong.

Burmese style breakfast restaurant in Macau.

A must eat Burmese Mok Hin Ngar ( fish soup noodles ) and a Burmese typical flavor milk tea whenever in Macau.

They wind their own coils in house and speakers are built in a big room next to the music room.