"This is the 3rd and the last visit to another hi-end audiophile in Ho Chi Min City Vietnam made on 2nd November 2017. Take a look at Nguyen Hiep gears, speakers, and cables, our mouths should be profuse with water. Cheers!!!" - Wilson Ng

Chord (England) Amps, CD player and Preamp with Clear audio turntable and arm on top with Q3 speaker.

A whole view of Hiep's den

Clear Audio Turntable/Arm and cartridge.

Close-up of exotic gears

2000 watts Chord Mono block

Left side wall treatment

And right side wall.

Close-up of Chord CD player and Preamp.

Exotic 2000 watts Chord Mono Amp

With another well-to-do audiophile Hiep Nguyen

Odin 2 power cable and interconnects.

Look at his ultra expensive speaker cable.

Automatic double-sided record cleaner from ClearAudio.

The new Q3 speaker.