Wilson Ng writes: "On Thursday 2nd November 2017, we drove out of HCMC for about an hour and a half to visit another audiophile. He is Troung Pham just celebrated his golden wedding anniversary. His den is on the 5th floor. Though small (9'H x 12'W x12'L) but his speakers and gears are top-notched. 

And the room is well-tamed as seen. The well-to-do Vietnamese Audiophiles.really know how to sample their wares. Take a look what he has. Cheers !!!"

A neat and powerfully equipped den. With an array of a full set of Burmester gears. The most eye-catching is the Wavac tube amp.

A wide angle view

The Estelon Ultimate Legacy Speaker.

150 watts Tube amp from Wavac Audio Lab. The tube is a very special breed.

Transparent Tangent Speaker Cable

Burmester CD player

CD Dac

Wavac PR- T1 preamplifier

Brinkmann turntable.

With Troung Pham and Tran Trung Kien

A happy pose with Troung Pham

An antic clock

A Bill Clinton poster. Hahaha.