When Peter Grzybowski from Triode Wire Labs asked me if I want to evaluate his “American” Speaker Cables from American Series, priced from $299.00 – $1,999.00 (depending on the length and termination) I've had no second thoughts. I've really liked, what Triode Wire Labs power cords had to offer (reviewed here) and they've received Mono and Stereo highly recommended award for what they represent. 

I was eager to experience, what Peter Grzybowski did with his speakers cables, where the design logic differs by no small margin compared with the construction of the power cables.

Let me refresh briefly the company history. The Triode Wire Labs is located in Massapequa Park, New York, and established with the clear goal to create the affordable, but highest quality high-end audio cables.

The company was established by Peter Grzybowski (Triode Pete). Peter is a professional engineer with a B.S. from Clarkson University and an M.S. from the New York Institute of Technology.

"Pete" has been an avid audiophile since he was 10 when he repaired and restored his older brother’s blown JBL L-100 speakers. Working for over 25 years in the power generation industry, Pete has gained considerable experience and knowledge in electrical theory and construction."


Triode Wire Labs (TWL) “perfectly engineered” speaker cables – absolutely passive, utterly balanced across the audio frequency range as well as being completely neutral was a painstakingly task to achieve.

Triode Wire Labs designs its speaker cable for the lowest possible resistance, capacitance, and inductance. TWL’s proprietary design geometry minimizes capacitance and inductance, as well as reducing resistance through use of its “beefy conductors” - Consisting of 210 individual 30 AWG conductors in its standard format (420 conductors in bi-wired format!).

Triode Wire Labs utilizes the finest materials possible, including pure Laboratory- Grade Oxygen Free High Conductivity copper (OFC), using the same proprietary formula that the great Western Electric Company utilized. (BTW, Western Electric invented and patented Oxygen Free Copper!). Also, close detail was paid to the inner dielectric material coating the metal conductors as well as the outer cotton dielectric, thereby minimizing the “charge” kept in the dielectric insulation, for lowest possible energy storage. By doing this, the transmitting signal is kept “clean” and not “smeared”. Also, the use of TWL’s proprietary “Ground Plane Technology” in every pair of speaker cables assists in eliminating spurious EMI/RFI anomalies. This clever passive device installed in the speaker cables reduces EMI effects resulting from electromagnetic fields, common impedance, or other forms of interference.

The connectors used in TWL speaker cables are the highest quality and best sounding connectors sourced from Cardas Audio (USA). The method was chosen to install these premium connectors’ results in the connector becoming an integral part of the speaker cable. This installation method of the hydraulic compression die forging using 16,000 lbs. force produces the “perfect” connection. This “cold-fused / cold-welded” technique provides the perfect bonded joint.


The proprietary deep cryogenic treatment of TWL speaker cables adds the following benefits versus non-cryogenic versions;

• Effortless, airy highs
• Improved bass articulation
• A more natural and organic presentation, akin to “live music”
• Greater dynamic range
• Deeper and wider three-dimensional soundstage
• Sense of gain compared to other speaker cables


To summarize the benefits of Triode Wire Labs, Inc. speaker cables: 

• Designed for work effortlessly with all types of amplifier and speaker
combinations, including flea watt SET’s horn systems to mega-watt solid
state mono-block electrostatics, and everything in-between!
• Effortless, revealing organic & natural sound – the perfect neutral
• Perfect SYNERGY with other Triode Wire Labs Cable products, a match made
in Heaven!
• Standard with “top of the line” natural sounding pure copper Cardas spades.
Three different pure copper spade connector combinations available (standard 6.5mm (CGMS), oversized 9mm (CGMS-9) and narrow spades (CCMS-S) for vintage gear with terminal strip connectors (ie- older McIntosh gear). Cardas Rhodium over silver-plated pure copper spades is also available. All compression die forged to produce the “perfect” connection!
• Optional in-stock Cardas Rhodium over Silver-plated banana connectors (CAB) available. The installation of the bananas will require the use of Cardas Quad-eutectic solder, the finest audio solder in the world, originally developed by the Western Electric Corporation.
• Mix and match the premium Cardas connectors on your amplifier & speaker ends – Email us for details!
• Custom Triode Wire Labs, Inc. “Ground Plane Technology” Proprietary Design, for exceptional passive noise suppression and RFI/EMI field rejection.
• Deeply Cryogenically Treated Conductors & Connectors, which is Natural & Organic Sounding.
• Very Flexible and User Friendly.
• Hand-made and Crafted in the USA, employing 100% USA-produced
components using the best anti-oxidization and contact enhancing
• 30-day Audition Trial – please see our Terms & Conditions.
• All speaker cables are “burned-in” at TWL, featuring a HIGH POWER
audiodharma CABLE COOKERTM Anniversary Edition 3.5 with premium all- copper billet Cardas CCGR binding posts.


Above mentioned highlights and technical insights offer a lot of material to digest. I do like and love when such in-depth aspects of design are clearly present, but as with everything in high-end audio, each and every product should serve the one and only purpose; the utmost realistic reproduction of the music!

So let me dive into some of the music references and reveal how   Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables perform under the "sonic stress". 

Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin'

While some purists might look at the Just A Little Lovin' from the "untouchable" highlands abode, for me Shelby Lyne brings a snug renditions of cover songs with a lasting and mesmerizing impact. Album's minimalistic approach under the baton of legendary Phil Ramone embraces a simplified universe, where interpolation of upright bass, contemplative guitars, gentle percussion and musing piano conveys the songs with immersive emotional impact, that entwine the captivating sound field with the intrinsic tone of vocals and instruments. 

As simple as the opening track Just A Little Lovin' might appear, it really calls for something more than its expected from the typical high-end audio cable. It needs throughout ability to deliver music as a whole entity and not just as a bland sum of its parts. 

While the album will sound great even on an entry-level system, it will truly excel with the cable, that can encompass and transfer the bursting, emotional impact of the original music. Of course, everything needs to be backed up with the high-performance, high-quality high-end rig.

Select DAC and Aries Cerat Kassandra II Sig DACs are on the top of the digital "food chain". They are the front ends, with the ability to materialize Shelby's aura and in combination with Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables, the outcome have rendered all the subtleness, color and acoustical depth of this masterfully recorded-mastered album in a way, that is worthy of all the high praise. 

Its never easy to "nail" the juxtaposition of transparency and timbre correctness, as well as energy transmission, but “American” Speaker Cables fluency deciphered this unique album with full gestalt and beyond of what I've expected!

Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around

No other song might fit the "Man in Black" profile better, then his rendition of Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt". Johnny's unmistakable, raw, emotional baritone cuts through the song with almost too poignant spirit, that is on the very edge of the "bearable"  melancholy and sorrow. It was his last recording, at this might carry all the additional emotional power.

The "Hurt" delivers such a moving exposure, that when its unravel in its essence, it strikes directly at one's inner sensory core. Again, without the proper, empowered cable in action, this zealous state will simply not unfold. Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables transcribed the Johnny intensity non-disruptively, unaltered. None of the Mr. Black attitude was gone or lost. 

This song hits as hard as David Bowie's - Lazarus and while you'll get quite some portion of the "forgiveness and forgetting" with the "normal" high-end audio system, I do really believe, that fully emotional encounter truly reveals with the certain system synergy and with the state of the art audio reproduction rig. Music is much, much more than just a bare sound reproduction. For me, the high-end audio labeling can only be associated when the system can carry both musical and emotional message, that bunds together in a balanced symbiosis. There's nothing esoteric about it. Music's ability to move us beyond typical sensory triggering is its primary DNA and Triode Wire Labs managed to retain the very vibrant epicenter, that granted the "message in the bottle" to evokes fully. Nuff said!

Steve Reich - Kronos Quartet / Pat Metheny ‎– Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint

This album is among the hidden gems. I'm sure, that most of the audiophiles and music lovers know the iconic Music For 18 Musicians, but Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint is not so widely known. Electric Counterpoint Fast Movement - Part 3 played by Pat Metheny is for sure my favorite track on the record. The interplay of the guitar chords creates the unforgettable and mesmerizing experience, that calls for the high-end audio cable with a bit more vigor nature than what're used to. 

Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables folded with Metheny playing, allowing the full control, dominion, and puissance, and letting the music to expand beyond speakers with the vivid three-dimensional cues, that are usually associated with much more expensive speaker cables. They've simply acted with the empowering ability to deliver all the nuances, that are crucial in the reconstruction of the essential attributes. I was drawn into the contemplative and repetitive world of Reich's renowned hypnotizing minimalism with ease and without seeking for the constitutional anchor points.

Each time I'm in the mood for Anne-Sophie Mutter, Wiener Philharmoniker, James Levine ‎– Carmen-Fantasie (Deutsche Grammophon ‎– 00289 477 9179) even the very first few notes of Zigeunerweisen Op. 20 brings me the instant goosebumps if the system synergy is spot on.  

Anne-Sophie Mutter's subtle and lyrical playing can be too quickly lost in translation by introducing of the new speakers cable into the system. Especially with violin, my inner mechanics instantly alerts me with red flag warnings, when the music's flow is "restricted". Quite surprisingly Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables managed to not only decipher the minute changes of tempi. They've also manifested a grand cupidity of Anne-Sophie Mutter vibrant playing with feather-like lightness mechanics when needed. 

At the very early age (13) Anne-Sophie Mutter was invited by Herbert von Karajan to perform with the Berlin Philharmonic and she became sort of Karajan's protégé. She owns two Stradivarius violins (The Emiliani - 1703, and the Lord Dunn-Raven Stradivarius of 1710) and does not use a shoulder rest when playing. This allows easier, more natural shifting and a better traction with the violin. 

When it comes to high-end end audio reproduction anything can be masked by the wrong cabling choices. Instead of locking intimately with the performer's microcosmos, the artist's personal expression can too quickly disappear and the interactive magic is gone. Then all the "engaging" attributes are lost in the translation and the result is a mere, mediocre reproduction, that lacks the crucial density, emotional impact and much-needed amount of acoustical anchor points. 

Triode Wire Labs' speakers cables had unlocked the path to the Carmen-Fantasie inner core and potently established the interactive connection with Anne-Sophie Mutter playing. Most importantly in the absence of unwanted sonic traits, that are associated even with some of the five figures über high-end audio cables. That alone is worthy of all the high-end garlands and highlighting.  


Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables follows the extended and in-depth technical elaborations with the organic, natural sonic ability, that had no problem in bringing the impressive dynamic aural experience. 

One of the most important aspects of “American” cables sonic standouts is the highly engaging factor, not expected at this price range. Peter Grzybowski has again managed to deliver a mighty potency of the original audio material without sonic alterations. It's not easy to encapsulate the very verisimilitude of the music being recorded with such impact. Even with the delicate reproduction of the string plucks, where the basic frequency demands the conductor of highest purity, the Triode Wire Labs speakers cables have embraced the constitutional aural particles with surprising density, that had not only conveyed the golden trinity of timbre, tone and colour spot on, but also delivered extremely well the harmonics. This elevates them to the very unique plane, that is usually reserved for quite a different price sticker! 

At the times, when the prices of high-end audio speakers cables are becoming a matter of exuberant and luxurious pricing the Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables embraces the grander portion of the upper echelon cabling qualities at very reasonable and down to earth pricing. 

I'm joining the sum up of my thoughts connected with my initial review of Triode Wire Labs power cables. “American” Speaker cables are fantastic performers and they offer a grand entrance into the world of high-end audio without any setbacks.  

Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables not only represents a great value and a highly potent loudspeaker cable, but they distribute the music's energy and vital information with such ease, that they will have no problem serving even in upper echelon high-performance high-end audio system. 

The carefully selected materials combined with a quality build produce PERFECT NATURAL PRAT (Pace, Rhythm & Timing) and will be true to the original source, without coloration. 

If you’re in the market for an “expensive” ULTRA-FI speaker cable, do not skip the auditioning Triode Wire Labs “American Speaker Cable” to hear what’s possible at Affordable, Audiophile prices!

For what they represent, and at what value I'm wholeheartedly awarding them with the Mono and Stere Highly Recommended Award.

Matej Isak 


$299.00 – $1,999.00
Review sample: - 2.5m length with premium Cards CAB bananas


- The “American Speaker Cable” provides Perfect Synergy in the Triode Wire Labs line-up! 
- Consisting of 210 individual 30 AWG conductors in its standard format (420 conductors in bi-wired format!)
- Utilizing only the finest sounding connectors made by Cardas Audio. 
- Speaker cables jumpers are also available, for those who choose not to “bi-wire”.
- Weight 4 lbs
- Cable Length: Up to 6 ft., Up to 9ft., Up to 12 ft., Up to 6 ft. (BiWire), Up to 9ft. (BiWire), Up to 12 ft. (BiWire), 12-inch Jumpers
- Connector Type: Standard 6.5mm (CGMS), Oversized 9mm (CGMS-9), Narrow vintage spade (CCMS-S), Banana (CAB)


Triode Wire Labs
Massapequa Park, 
NY 11762