Visited Michael Chung (not quite 40) another tape maniac in HK on 15th November 2017. He uses an almost brand new Nagra-T Audio made in Switzerland in 1981. It's a two-track analog transportable recorder designed for studio recording. I was totally fascinated when I first saw it in the Hanoi AV show in Vietnam with a meter bridge a few months ago. Take a look also at his exotic system costing no less than 3 million HK dollars. He has over 50 master tapes. 

The ones below are just a few he played for us. My mouth is watering profusely while writing this post. Enjoy !!! - Wilson Ng 

Avalon Acoustics speakers and Acoustic Signature Turntable.

Audio Note M10 Line Signature preamp no less than 1.2 million HK$.

Goldmund 400 watts Amp. Beyond my budget for sure.

Nagra T Audio Open Reel. Full of features and just a beauty to look at.