Our dear friend Wilson Ng is tireless with his efforts in discovering the extraordinary systems: "On Wednesday 20th 2017, I've spent a whole day visiting audiophiles in China just across the border in Dong Guan. Below is a hifi museum in my honest. I was almost floored when I saw this gigantic music room with two Harley Davidson motorcycles inside just for display and not for riding. Guess the room is H15' x W 30' x L45' minimum with antique furniture and all kinds of gone-are- the-days collections of Chinese curios. With a celestial type of music fit for the king and antiques to suit your eyes. Plus all the vintage open reels in semi-retired operational status that can wet your appetite. A good picture is better than a thousand words. Take a look. Enjoy !!!"

The horn is the midrange. The wooden structure is the bass with 3 tweeters in the middle. Two large subwoofers are at the back.

A wide angle view

The power house is at the back with the Confucius-look-a-like Wei Ko, the audiophile.

24 channel Studer A820

The 1/2" A80

The mixer

How can I go without posing on a Harley. 

Another one.

Telefunken M10 and it's controller by the side

The face view of M10

The Chinese version of you know what...

Few od the analog icons...

EMT preamp.

Another vintage. Not a Studer.

24 channel. What a beauty.

The king's seat.

A decoration

Wei Ko in the king's seat

With Wei Ko and an audiophile from Nan Hai

With Eddy Tsang and Yip Ko.

16 people at Wei Ko den

Another view

The two huge subwoofer

Another vintage decor.

A cute and tiny rtr. Vintage of course

Naim CD player.

Another open reel vintage.