Kondo GE-10 phono preamplifier was launched last year at the Munich High-End Audio Show, but there was not much info or photos to follow up. Here are few of the images showing, the basic design layout and the innards of this impressive tube phono preamp as well as some more information. GE-10 uses two gain stages and implements the same capacitors, that were developed for the Kondo flagship Kagura monoblocks. As with G-1000 flagship preamplifier, both power supply and preamplifier are in the separate enclosures. This eliminates the influence of vibration and leakage of magnetic flux.

Cascode circuit is in the first stage with the equalizer circuit positioned in between. The parallel plate cathode follower output circuit lowers the output impedance, ensuring sound freshness and solid driving power.

Many of the main parts are handmade by Kondo skilled employees and GE-10 encompass 40+ years of experiences and know-how of building most exotics tube musical machines. GE-10 have the MM level input, so the SUT is mandatory...

RIAA deviation ± 0.5 dB (30 Hz to 20 kHz, excluding low cut)
Gain 38 dB
Input / impedance RCA 2 lines, unbalanced / 47 kΩ
Output 1 line (RCA, unbalanced, load 20 kΩ or more)
Residual noise less than 1.5 mV
Vacuum tube E88 CC x 2, 6072 x 4, 6 CA 4 x 2
Power consumption 46 W
External dimensions  320 mm (W) 160 mm (H) 414 mm (D)
Power supply section 320 mm (W) 160 mm (H) 414 mm (D)
Weight main body 15 kg
Power supply section 20 kg