"Since 1977, Audioanalyse has passionately created exceptional electronics for real music lovers and has built its reputation as an international brand. Originally reserved for tube or tube amplifiers, class A was taken over by Audioanalyse and applied to a transistor technology."

"However Audioanalyse has kept its exceptional appearance for its products, exemple A9 class A pure power amplifier, it can compete without complex the most sophisticated power units with analytical power in the bass and an unequaled reproduction of the stereophonic image.

Audioanalyse - Produced and made in France The A9 is very neutral with good differentiation of sound levels in depth. The bass is excellent with a remarkable attacks. The A9 is able to restoring the most violent attacks while respecting the sound of each instrument as well as the acoustic environment of the reproduction’s place.

We understand the excellence of the sound result.

The A9 amplifier, Pure class A receives the decibel of honor from the new Sound Review rewarding the best amplifier for 1984, its unusual design is awarded to the United States and it’s entered MOMA (New York Museum of Modern Art) in 1985, is designated Amplifier of the year in 1987 by Audio Review in Italy, also ranked Best Amplifier of the year 1985, by the European and Asian Press..
Audiophiles and enthusiasts, do not miss this appointment …."

Today in 2017, after 20 years of silence… Audioanalyse IS COMING BACK !


Mode: Pure Class A
Output power: 2 x 50 W on 8 Ω, 2 x 100 W on 4 Ω
Inputs: XLR et RCA / Neutrik Symmetry
From 20 to 20 000 Hz for less than 0,06 % of DHT
Bandwidth: 1,5 à 150 KHz to -3 dB after input filter
Damping factor: 150 to 20 à 20 000 Hz on 8 Ω
Nominal input sensitivity and gain:0,8 V RMS/22K Ω and 29 dB
Rise time: 3,5 µ S
Climb speed: 20 V/ µ S
Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB/60W in 8 Ω
Toroidal transformer: 2 x 300 VA
Filter capacity: 2 x 220000 microfarads
Dimensions:  L 500 x H 265 x P 270 mm
Weight: 28,7 Kg