I've already heard few different high-end audio cables from the Croatian manufacturer Marohei Cables; all with positive results, so the latest Maduro series speakers cables, that are coming for the review should be very interesting.

The Maduro handmade new series will consist of Maduro C (copper) and Maduro S (silver). Maduro uses solid core (8 x 24AWG) TMT ( thermal & mechanical treatment by Marohei) NOS military grade copper per phase. 

Dielectric: multi layer pure Mulberry silk tubing,  more than 10.000 anti-resonant fibers. Teflon 0.4mm protection, braided black transparent Sleeving, red copper banana plugs.

All speaker cables will have WBT 0610cu self-locking banana plugs

Estimated prices:

Maduro C 4000 EUR
Maduro S 5000 EUR

Cables will be ready for production in the beginning of the February 2018.