This preamplifier certainly calls for an audition! The new Trinity Golden Reference Edition explores the realms of ultimate transparency and character-free realms. And 6dB gain fits even more into the familiar mindset. Here is the official info...

"The „Golden Reference Edition“ PREAMP is a true ground-breaker – with its no distortion ultra linear design. It doesn’t get much better than TRINITY. The “Golden Reference Edition” PREAMP creates an aura of harmony. This PREAMP is exactly the right choice for spoiled ears! The “Golden Reference Edition” represents the current state of the art in the Highest-End Audio market. The circuit architecture of the PHONO and PREAMP are based on an in-house ultra linear gain block, which contains 100 integrated semiconductors and above 500 passive devices.

The left and the right channels have two of these extremely low noise gain blocks. Put in a nutshell, each PHONO or PREAMP includes more than 400 integrated semiconductors and more than 1000 passive devices!!! That is by far the most complex circuit design in the audio market."