STUTE, our inaugural product, is a rubidium master clock designed specifically for apex digital audio systems. Through the exclusive technology of Abendrot, STUTE produces the coveted 10MHz signal ideal for digital audio. Combining our expertise with layers and layers of logic and development, some of the most highly-acclaimed and passionate master clock engineers in the world focused on the almost impossible task of reproducing a near-perfect time axis, an integral factor in realising the ultimate digital reproduction experience, which is now known as STUTE. Abendrot strongly believes STUTE is a monumental product perhaps finally capable of materialising the ultimate ideal for digital audio: To supersede the qualities of analog reproduction. This ultimate master clock produces the most precise and sophisticated clock signal the industry has ever experienced, with near-perfect digital-analog conversion. Our ultimate audio collection is certain to lead you into unprecedented boundaries way beyond the capabilities of existing analog and digital sound reproduction methods, bringing those blissful moments from a concert hall to within the walls of your private audio room.

Amplifier Output  
Output frequency : 10MHz sine wave
Output channel : 2 output (Stute) 
Output connector : BNC female
Amplitude : 1V RMS 50ohm

Rubidium Unit
Phase noise : 
<-140dbc hz="" p="" z="">
<-150dbc hz="" nbsp="" p="" representative="" value="" z="">
Accuracy at shipment : ±5×10-11
Warm-up time : <10 accuracy="" and="" gain="" lock="" minutes="" p="" practical="" required="" time="" to="">

Input Voltage : 115V / 230V , 50-60Hz
Wattage 30W(typical)

Operating temperature Range : 5℃~ 35℃
Relative humidity : 35~85%RH(non-condensing)

Size : 440 x 420 x 90mm (W x D x H), Weight : 11.5kg


※1. This product is manufactured on a per order basis.
※2. The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.