Augustin Dumay is the last representative violinist of the Eugene Ysaye’s Belgian school. Oriented initially by Milstein, changed the character of the Russian bow, by the style of their Franco-Belgian, ancestors, when he studied with Grumiaux. Jessica Duchen, in his recent interview with him, tells us that: "In the mid-80’s got an album of chamber music by Fauré, containing even the Sonata for Violin and Piano, which I listen to constantly ready! I had discovered Gabriel Fauré". This Sonata, today represented by the recording in Duo with pianist Maria João Pires, was originally recorded by a young Augustin Dumay, also in duet with the young too pianist Jean-Philippe Collard.

This record is César Franck Sonate in La Majeur, the LP also contains: Andantino Quietoso op.6, and a Duo for Piano and Violin concertant op14 "Gulistan" / LVDSM 2 C069-14186, pressed in 1976 by Pathé in France. It remains to consider whether the recording with Maria João Pires has the same nostalgic atmosphere that characterized this first. - Saulo Zuccello