"Monumental. The aesthetics speak for themselves. Along with our cast iron table, we provide some of the best tonearms in the world made by Frank Schröder, uniquely suited to our table sonically and aesthetically. We also offer phono cartridges made exclusively for Fern & Roby by Peter Ledermann of Sound-smith here in the USA that are amazing designs that provide great lively detail to the listening experience. The combination of our table with a Schröder arm and the Fern & Roby cartridges designed and made by Peter Ledermann is a great answer to building a system that delivers some of the best Hi-Fidelity playback available in a modern turntable."

In terms of audio engineering, our design is defined by a high-mass and balanced platter concept using a 70-pound cast iron plinth to reduce resonance and achieve vibration-dampening throughout the system. It has a cast and turned 35-pound bronze platter, dynamically balanced to 1000 rpm. This is a crucial aspect of the bearing design--our single point bearing and center-of-mass design is a low-contact and low-friction concept that takes advantage of the dynamically balanced platter to get the best performance. Please note shipping will be quoted separately.

The Turntable carries a two-year limited warranty.