A custom installation of the Hornsolutions Midsize System. The size is always based on the bass-midrange. In this particular installation, there was already an unused fireplace and the Basshorn was implemented to save some space. Basshorn is working from 35Hz-150Hz. Drivers are two Altec 416 B 15" Bass. Complete system is an active with running with the help of Hornsolutions Room correction DSP and Thomas Mayer tube amplifiers.

The used Satohorn works with a bandwidth of 150Hz-1.600Hz. The driver is already well known Hornsolutions 666. In each application for the Sato's Tweeterhorn and the Western Electric, Elysio HT16 Tweeterhorn is mandatory and works from 1.600-20.000Hz

Small Sato also matches with the HT25 Tweeterhorn and the WE15A with the Elysio HT9 Tweeterhorn. 

Elysio horn can be used in all kind of large horns, like the Western Electric WE15A WE66A, Sato or the smaller ones from Hornsolutions. 


Elysio HT9 , 900Hz-20KHz 
12" x 14" x 27"
Elysio HT16 , 1600Hz -20KHz 
9.5" x 10" x 17"
Elysio HT25 , 2500Hz-20KHz
 5" x 5" x 11"

All 3 versions are available in 3 different directivity variants: 100° - 100°, 80° - 60°, 70° - 40°

Drivers are all 1" mounts all mountings are possible as long as they fit into the chassis.