The new Premium series - sound and style in harmony. Swiss Designer Stephan Hürlemann has fitted the front covers flush into the C-shaped cabinet profile. This creates a formal harmony to its design. The new 301, 501 and 701 Premium models are slim speakers with a rich sound. With its remarkably improved technical and visual continuation of one of our most successful speaker concepts we are very excited about this new series! 

Design combined with state-of-the-art chassis technology

Whether with voice, orchestra, electro or single instrument, the PIEGA Premium Series operates at its best to guarantee an inspiring sound experience. First and foremost, it is the combination of state-of-the-art chassis technology and the 30% more rigid aluminium cabinet, which helps the new Premium trio achieve this wonderful sound quality. While the two smaller models use the tried and tested PIEGA LDR 2642 MKII tweeters, the Premium 701 flagship range uses the new LDR 3056 ribbon tweeters for the first time. 

In addition, the low mid-range driver has also been improved in several respects and has been specially calibrated to the new cabinet and ribbon tweeters. The MDS converters designed for particularly longstroke movements ensure an impulsive, dynamic and powerful bass performance, even in medium-sized rooms. Thanks to a rounded cabinet shape, no disturbing standing waves can occur within the cabinet, so that a clear, contoured, crisp transmission of all medium and low frequencies is ensured. Base plates with spikes have been introduced to the column loudspeakers to prevent interfering frequencies, which further contributes to an increase in pure sound reproduction. 

Immerse yourself in the wonderful premium soundscape and enjoy unforgettable musical moments!