But, thats not all from MSB Technology. There is another great news and product. The $19,500.00 MSB Technology The Premier DAC is coming in Summer 2018. Here is the official info...

The Premier DAC Features:

-4x Prime DAC modules
-3x Modular input slots
-Clock is user upgradable to the all new Femto 93
-The Discrete Power Supply
-Optional Powerbase upgrade (TBA)
-Standard Toslink, Coaxial, and word-sync module included
-True Balanced Design
-150Ω output impedance
-Optional Analog RCA Output
-No analog output buffer
-Included Volume Control
-14 character discrete LED display (560 pixels)
-2x DAC Dual-Link Power inputs
-Dimensions: 2″ x 12″ x 17.5″
-Standard MSB footprint

More details coming soon.  MSRP 19,500.00

4X Prime DAC Modules

We are excited for this next generation of DAC technology. To create these products, we developed the new Prime DAC module derived from the Reference and Select Hybrid DACs.  Trickle down technology has given us exceptional performance vs price.