bFly-audio is a well-known specialist for effective decoupling solutions. The German company offers a broad range of damping items for any kind of HiFi equipment. They have already received many awards for their advanced products.

Their concept called MLA stands for Multi-Layer Adjustment. 
With the MLA concept, bFly-audio combines different layers of materials, like Sorbothane and cork-rubber. Each layer eliminates varying disturbance frequencies. Because of the cumulation of different filtering frequencies, MLA absorbers have a much higher efficacy, compared to absorbers composed of only one material. 

The newest development is the PURE series. To increase the broadband absorber effect, the PURE implements now a gel pad on the underside. The depth of the gel pad is adjusted to the other absorber layers and complements the layer model of the approved MASTER series of bFly-audio.

Furthermore, the PURE is distinguished by an additional air cell, formed by the Sorbothane layer.
The result of this elaborate development is a more relaxed, spacial and natural sound and clearly audible.

For optimum adjustment to the weight of your HiFi component bFly-audio offers different variants.
Optional colors are aluminum or black.

You can order all products of bFly-audio in their online shop

Prices: PURE from 159 €.