Fonica Flag L flagship speakers: "No compromise for the version with the best performance of the series, an object to be flaunted as a trove of innovative technology, without neglecting style. Standard version with blacks profiles, black fabric and chrome rods."

DISTRIBUTED ACOUSTIC ENERGY: The large surface area of the acoustical membrane distributes the radiated energy of the speaker, contrary to what happens with conventional speakers. The greater distribution of the acoustic energy excludes unnecessary movements of air, which might result in sound distortion or coloration.

SMALL MOVING MASS: In our isodynamic speaker systems, an ultra-thin Mylar membrane vibrates and moves air to reproduce sound. This membrane has very low mass, so the inertia required for movement is minimal. The resulting benefit is reproduction of the most delicate nuances of sound without any acoustic alteration or distortion.

ADVANCED COMPONENTS: Fonica International uses premium components to meet the highest quality standards, achieving the ultimate performance that will last a lifetime. We use neodymium magnets—with up to thirteen times the strength of traditional magnets—encapsulated and protected with a proprietary technique. For the membrane, we use an ultra-thin and very strong Mylar film.

NO ACOUSTIC BOX: Our planar dipole speakers are created without an acoustic enclosure, resulting in no coloration caused by cabinet shape, vibrations, or resonances.

HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTION: Each speaker is meticulously hand assembly by expert specialists experienced in speaker manufacturing and assembly techniques, unlike traditional speaker manufacturers.

DIPOLE PLANAR SPAKER: The planar dipole design of our speakers provides immersive, room-filling audio by creating symmetrical sound from both the front and back of the speaker.