A mighty Gryphon Audio Kodo Speakers with full-blown Gryphon electronics system. A system owned by Pham Thanh Cuong from Saigon, Vietnam.

The equipment includes:

- Mikado Signature CD Player, using Zensati Seraphim power cord.
- Dac Kalliope, using the Zensati Seraphim power cord.
- Gryphon Pandora Pre amplifier, using two Zensati Seraphim power cords.
- Power amplifier Mephisto Gryphon, using two Zensati Silenzio power cords.
- Gryphon Kodo speakers, using two Zensati Angel power cords.
Signal cables and speaker cables include:
- Zensati Seraphim Special digital from CD Mikado Signature to Dall Kalliope.
- Zensati Silenzio interconnect from DAC Kalliope is a Pandora pre amplifier.
- Zensati Seraphim interconect from Pandora amplifier to Mephisto Power amplifier.
- Zensati Seraphim interconect from Pre amplifier Pandora to Power amplifier in Kodo bass speaker tower.
- Zensati Seraphim Gold Limited Speaker cable for twin tower - mid bass / mid / high

photos by Pham Thanh Cuong