First photos and official info about eh all new LessLoss Echo's End Reference DAC... Its coming to Mono and Stereo HQ's soon for the evaluation...


--> Solid Panzerholz enclosure
--> Grounded custom carbon fiber transformer shroud
--> Cryogenically treated, solid copper, gold plated power inlet
--> Most precise resistors available
--> Dual power supplies, dual Soekris boards, reprogrammed for dual mono configuration
--> XLR output derived from four mono channels of resistor ladders (output buffering schematics bypassed)
--> LessLoss special custom S/PDIF - I2S conversion schematic
--> LessLoss controlled automatic digital input selection (Soekris boards receive only I2S)
--> LessLoss 3.3V generation for internal I2S (USB 5V supply discarded)
--> All floating bolts point-to-point star grounded
--> New integrated Firewall 64X technology (6 units implemented here)
--> C-MARC™ internal hook-up wire 
--> DSD (2x) ready over USB
--> Plays up to 192 kHz sampling rate PCM data
--> Hand polished 100% natural beeswax impregnated
--> Ships in a LessLoss branded water-tight flight case

Price: $19,628 USD including international delivery