Tommy Hoerning writes: “This is in the true sense of the word a revolutionary amp which have no equal in this world of amplifiers and will give the listener state of art musical performance. Every used component in this amplifier is top components and their complexion is used to give the most simply direct way from input to output to serve music in the mostfaithfully way in the way High Fidelity originality wasmeant. Direct heated EML 20 B is used as driver and EML 1605 In the output stage. Ultimate Inter stage torrid and output transformers. The finest and most expensive nanocrystalline core is used to due to their unique sound qualities.”

Great attention is done to the layout of the heather supply. Balanced heather supply is build with common modechokes and capacitors. It is very important that the

Heather is isolated from direct contact with the heather therefore is the 400 millihenry choke also a great part of this amplifiers superior sound.

A very special thing not seen in other SE tube amplifiers is the construction of a Ultra-fast shunt regulated power supply build around the powerful 6C33C triode in combination with a ultra fast regulator tube. 

The glow tubes. 4 pieces, is responsible for controlling the EML 20 B driver tube. 4 x 500y diodes is feeding the shunt regulator through a common mode chokes and capacitors.The 500y tube has built in delay which is avoiding of using sound degrading relays with their bad contact characteristic. 

No Electrolytes is used in order to get better sound quality compared to a quality capacitor. Surprising is how much a capacitor is improving a power supply’s influence of the sound of the amplifiers musical performance.