TechDAS writes: "The new generation of TechDAS disk stabilizer dramatically improves the sound quality by removing the vibrations. TechDAS Disc Stabilizer is the result of the process involved in the research and development of the platter material for the AirForce turntable series.

"TechDAS Disc Stabilizer Series II is made out of ultra duralumin, that is 3 times harder than the ordinary aluminum. TechDAS Disc Stabilizer Series II dramatically improves the sound quality of the analog board by quickly absorbing and removing the micro-vibration generated on the record board itself together with the correction of the warp of the record board.

Since the conventional stabilizers merely suppress vibration by mass, they don't eliminate the vibrational energy itself. In that way, the stabilizer effect is very limited. TechDAS disk stabilizer works differently and does not rely on mass to eliminate micro vibration generated in the record board."


Main body material Ultra duralumin (A 7075)
Knob material Stainless steel alloy
Dimensions 82.5 mm
Height 33.5 mm
Weight 570 g
Accessories Static electricity removal sheet